Saturday 21st of January 2017
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Yemen's Ansarullah hails Ayatollah Rafsanjani’s efforts for uniting Muslim communities against US, Israel

Leader of Yemen’s Houthi Ansarullah movement paid tribute to former Iranian president Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, who died on Sunday, for his efforts to unite Muslim communities against the US and Israel.

In a message on Monday, Abdul-Malik al-Houthi expressed his condolences over passing of the prominent Iranian cleric and politician, saying the deceased had gained a reputation for supporting the Islamic resistance movements in Palestine and Lebanon.

Ayatollah Rafsanjani was also known for bringing different Muslim groups together in the face of the US and Israel, which seek to foment discord and chaos in the region through certain mercenary regimes that support Takfiri terrorism, the Yemeni figure added.

Ayatollah Rafsanjani passed away at the age of 82 on Sunday. He was an influential figure in a campaign led by Imam Khomeini that resulted in the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979. The deceased became president for two terms and was the chairman of the Expediency Council for some 20 years.

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